Stairlifts and chair lift Singapore systems are affordable for many individuals and they’re commonly a secure choice when you require assistance to get up and down the staircases. They have three major parts consisting of the rail which is connected to the stairs. They also have the carriage which holds the electric motor & batteries. And finally, they have a seat which fixes onto the carriage.

Weight capacity

Stairlifts are suitable for lots of people and come in different shapes and sizes. Yet, one more factor to think about when setting up a stairlift is weight capacity. Some stairlifts will just hold up to 125kg, however there are others that’ll take up to 150kg. The main thing is to search and discover a company that accommodates a higher capacity.


Will the user have the ability to manage switch controls placed on the end of the armrest, or is an alternate technique called for, for instance joystick or toggle controls?

Will additional controls need to be given to make it possible for a carer to control the stairlift? Remote commands, can be installed near the top and/or base of the stairs for a carer to send out the stairlift up or down the staircases.

Your Stairs

Stairway lifts can be manufactured to fit on virtually any type of stairs. Nonetheless, the more customized the lift is, the more it costs. Lifts for straight staircases are the least costly since no turns or curves are needed. Stairways with 90- or 180-degree turns are more costly, considering that they require 2 or even more chairs.

Stairs with 90- or 180-degree turns usually have landings at the turns, which is where you would relocate from one stair lift to the following. A rounded stairs always needs personalization. Also, while you may have the ability to resell a straight staircase lift or move it to a new home, you will not have the same adaptability with a circular staircase lift.

Conditions of the user

If you have a chronic ailment or complicated treatment needs, you can see your G.P. to talk about entering a G.P. management strategy. Under this strategy you’ll be eligible for Medicare discounts for particular allied health services, including Occupational Treatment (OT). You might possibly use this solution to have an assessment from an OT in your house to discover what residence alterations you’ll need (e.g. a stairlift) so as to continue to be in your house.

Somebody with a disability who has an ailment that can worsen ought to consider what the most effective long term remedy will be. Although he/she may be able to make use of a seated stairlift now, it may be wise to take into consideration setting up a through-floor lift to make sure that in future the alternative to travel in a wheelchair is accessible.

It is advisable that the stairlift covers the whole staircase. Some people will attempt to save costs by mounting a straight stairlift on a rounded stairs and effort to manage the initial or last couple of steps. Nevertheless, if their disorder worsens, they will no longer be able to handle this.