Cops: Teen who devoted suicide after Instagram ballot suffered from despair


Recently, Malaysians have been bowled over over the death of a teenage woman who committed suicide after sixty-nine % of pollsters on her Instagram account supported the option to kill herself.

Cops: Teen who devoted suicide after Instagram ballot suffered from despair 1
Local newspapers pronounced that the sufferer posted an online poll status asking her ‘Instagram Story’ fans: “Really Important, Help Me to Choose D/L.” (D stood for dying whilst L for Life).
In addition, the sufferer also reportedly published a Facebook popularity update wherein she said: “Wanna Quit F**king Life I’m Tired.”
Padawan district police deputy chief DSP Merbin Lisa stated, based totally on the research, that the girl known as Davia Emelia, 16, is suspected of experiencing melancholy.
“However, based totally on the statement from the victim’s mother, she did now not display any behavioral trade previous to the incident.

“According to her mother, the sufferer turned into near her stepfather, but because the stepfather married a Vietnamese lady, he rarely returned to Kuching to satisfy the sufferer.
“It brought on the victim to experience sad,” he said whilst contacted by way of Bernama right here Thursday (May sixteen).
DSP Merlin stated investigation turned into still ongoing, and to date, the police had acquired statements from the college and the sufferer’s dear friends.

Yesterday, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) stated to advise social media users to be more attentive and touchy to suicidal postings to save similar incidents from routine.
MCMC stated reports ought to be made directly to the police, own family contributors, and friends of the individual worried.

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