How to keep a positive mindset when studying for a challenging degree


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Pursuing an education, especially at higher levels, is quite a task. Not only are you required to keep up with the academics, but you also have to make sure that you do well with your grades to make something out of the degree program. Some degree programs are far less complicated and can be done easily compared with others. Those who choose to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc., have their work cut.

Because these degree programs are very hard to accomplish in a few years, many students tend to lose interest midway through. Some choose to change their degrees, whereas others who complete them seem completely burnt out. Keeping a positive mindset during the journey of the degree is very important to end it with a healthy attitude. The best way to ensure positivity is when there is motivation to study the degree.

Tips to increase your motivation when studying a hard degree

It would be wishful thinking to say that people will never face any hardships or challenges while looking for a difficult degree. While this battle must be endured, it doesn’t have to be all that bleak. Staying motivated during the program can do wonders for your mindset and dedication.


When studying a tough degree program, you need a lot of perseverance to sail through. This arises from passion. If you are passionate about pursuing a degree, you will take on the challenges that come with it head-on. Yes, people motivated by other factors, such as monetary return in a career, can also complete hard degrees, but passionate people have internal motivation. So, make sure that if you pursue a tough educational journey, it is for something you are passionate about.


Believe it or not, being physically active is a great way to release endorphins, the feel-good hormones you need to keep a positive mindset. No matter how time-consuming your degree is, you must take a little time every day to exercise. If it isn’t a full-blown workout, go out, get some fresh air, and move around your limbs.

Many remote options are available these days if you find it difficult to exercise with the face-to-face school. Just be sure to work out! Tough degrees, such as online DNP programs from Baylor University, can be completed from the comfort of your home.

Also, be sure to take care of your diet. If you eat well, then it will help you in staying alert and focused. Studying may seem like the last thing that can exhaust a person, but mental stimulation needs a lot of nutrients. So, be mindful of the food you consume.


Ensure the program has decent breaks or rest times to allow the brain to relax. Nothing is more motivating than a well-deserved break. Just make sure that you are being fair, though – the gap should not exceed the amount of time you use to study! Having a realistic schedule is also very useful in ensuring that the work is being done in an organized manner.

Set achievable goals for yourself to break down the course. Not only does it make the task easier, but it is also a great way to feel motivated because of the rewarding feeling you get after completing each step.


Speaking of rewards, treat yourself! Studying for a tough degree is extremely challenging, and before you know it, you feel like you aren’t doing enough. Be sure to pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you are putting in, and reward yourself with a night out with friends or a Netflix marathon now and then. It will make things more fun.


With difficult degrees, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and, therefore, confused about the future. Be sure to visit a good career or education counselor occasionally to have a proper direction without losing sight of the main goal. There are enough students who suffer from mental illnesses, so seek out professionals before it gets to that point.


There is nothing like a safe space to make you feel at home. Having a conducive environment can do wonders. Make sure that you have a comfortable area. Ensure sufficient lighting, a work desk, stationery, and peace. Get creative with your site, and even decorate it the way you want so that whenever you are there, you want to study.

Try changing your environment now and then. Sometimes one space becomes redundant and boring, and even staring at the wall seems more fun.

Group study

Although it is not for everyone, as some people choose to study solo, group study can be a great way to accomplish much of the coursework efficiently. It is also fun and very motivating because it’s not just yourself you have to work for – it’s for the group! Group study can become very chaotic if the purpose of the meeting is hanging out.


It is very difficult to follow your dreams, especially if those dreams require venturing out on a difficult path. So, the next time you feel a bit frustrated and lost with your degree, make sure that you follow these tips and reach for the stars! Hard degree programs require a lot of your time, attention and effort, but they can bring very rewarding returns to you for all of this investment.

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