Style and Substance: 5 Fashion Tips for Young Men with Hair Loss


Hair loss can make young men feel self-conscious and embarrassed, whether they admit it or not. If you’re a guy who has experienced hair loss, you’re probably familiar with these feelings.

While you may not be able to keep your hair from falling out, there is a lot that you can control. Your sense of style, for example, is something that no one can take away. And when you know a thing or two about fashion, it can make hair loss seem like no big deal. If you want to boost your confidence amid hair loss, here are five fashion tips to make you look and feel good.

7 Style Hacks For Men To Ace Bald Men Fashion

1. Start Rocking Hats on the Regular

Hats are a great way to, quite literally, cover up hair loss. From ball caps to beanies, bucket hats to cowboy hats, you have a variety of options to choose from. Hats allow you to express yourself and show off your style. A backward baseball cap gives off a casual, cool guy vibe, while a cowboy hat says “country cutie.” Beanies may be the way to go if you’d describe yourself as an edgy rocker. There’s a hat for everyone!

Even if you’re embracing your new hat-wearing style, that doesn’t mean you can’t fight hair loss in the meantime. Topical finasteride slows hair loss while increasing blood flow to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Men can see visible results in just a few months when used consistently. So, while you wait, start rocking the hats! No one has to know what’s going on beneath the surface.

2. Declutter Your Current Wardrobe

If you want to use fashion to distract from hair loss, you may need to start from scratch. This isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it can be fun to create a new wardrobe. But the not-so-fun part is clearing out your old one. When you decide to do a style refresh, you should eliminate seldom-worn stuff currently in your closet. This allows you to make space for new items and gives you a better idea of what you need.

Decluttering your closet might seem daunting, but it’s not so bad once you get going. Start with two boxes: one for selling clothes and one for donating clothes. Sell clothes still in good condition — you could make a pretty penny! Donate anything else to rid yourself of clutter. Lastly, only keep clothes in your closet that you can wear for the current season. By doing seasonal swaps, you can save space in your closet and make room for new pieces.

3. Invest in Core Capsule Pieces

Once you’ve downsized, it’s time to create your capsule wardrobe. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a capsule wardrobe is a small collection of garments that can be put together differently. It follows the “less is more” principle, capitalizing on high-quality pieces that are classic and versatile. A capsule wardrobe is a great place to start if you’re trying to up your style game amid hair loss.

A capsule wardrobe for men should include a few essential pieces. For each type of garment, choose a mix of casual and more dressy items — say, graphic tees to tailored button-downs. You should have at least two pairs of shoes, eight tops, two pants, and two jackets to enable various looks. For tops, think mostly core colors, but you can include a couple of pops of color and prints as well. Once you have solid capsule pieces, you can easily create timeless, classic looks.

4. Up Your Accessorizing Game

In addition to hats, numerous other accessories can make a fashion statement. If you’re transitioning to a more fashion-forward you, it’s time to start accessorizing. With cooler weather approaching, make like an Italian and sport a colorful scarf. Or perhaps the elegance of a British-style pocket square is more your speed.

Nice watches are great accessories for men, and they can instantly take a look from casual to sleek and stylish. Plus, they’re great conversation starters! For some men, collecting watches is as much of a hobby as it is a fashion statement. Belts are also a great addition to any look if you want to add polish. With your new style, no one will even pay attention to your hair!

5. Express Your Personality

Now for the final touches. Once you have clothes and accessories taken care of, think of other ways to spice up your look. Style isn’t just about the clothes you wear; it can include many different things, too. How do you want to express yourself? What makes you feel the most like you?

Piercings and tattoos are two great examples — they’re not articles of clothing, yet they indisputably add to your look. On the other end of the style spectrum, a vintage attaché case could be your chosen fashion statement. You can also groom your facial hair to increase your style quotient. Just because you’re losing hair on top doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lacking in the facial hair department. So, could you take advantage of it?

Hair loss can make you feel defeated. You may not always like what you see in the mirror. But a well-dressed gentleman never goes out of style. All it takes is a little wardrobe polishing and expert fashion advice to look and feel great again.


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