Massage Parlor In Frisco Shopping Center Shut Down For Alleged Prostitution


FRISCO, Texas – Three girls were arrested and massage parlor has been shut down within the 100 blocks of Main Street in Frisco.
It’s the result of a police investigation into prostitution.
There’s now a sign on the door alerting customers that TCM Oasis Massage is shut down for violations.
They include working without a rub down therapy license and prostitution.

Three girls from The Colony were arrested by means of Frisco Police.
Two of them for working as unlicensed rubdown therapists, a third for prostitution.
The enterprise at 423 and Main Street which has blacked out windows and darkish curtains are positioned in an unassuming strip mall along the Frisco-Little Elm border.
There’s a big church next door.
Everyone we spoke with expressed wonder to pay attention to approximately the arrests and enforcement action.
Frisco Police declined to comment but CBS 11 has learned the investigation worried undercover officers.

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