Weight loss: This trainer lost 10 pounds WITHOUT going to the gymnasium! Know her successful food plan!


It turned into an epiphany simultaneously as attempting on a dress that pushed 25-year-old Sayantani Sengupta to shed pounds. After she piled on a lot of pounds after marriage, she determined that sufficient became enough, and it becomes time to get lower back in form. Read on to realize how she lost 10 kilos without going to the gym. Her tale is a suggestion for every person who is attempting to lose weight.

Weight loss: This trainer lost 10 pounds WITHOUT going to the gymnasium! Know her successful food plan! 1Name: Sayantani Sengupta
Occupation: Teacher
Age: 25 years
Highest weight recorded: 60 kgs
Weight lost: 10 kgs

The duration took me to lose weight: 2 months
The turning point: I had usually yearned for a narrow body; however, after my marriage, I had put on quite a few weight. The worst component, but changed into that because of all of the more kilos, I had started looking like my buddy’s elder sister, even though I changed into younger than all of them.

My breakfast: I begin my day by drinking one glass of lemon water with one teaspoon of honey on an empty belly. After approximately half an hour later, I even have a handful of dry culmination (almonds) observed through one boiled egg. Sometimes I also eat boiled chana and fruits like apple and papaya.
My lunch: Dahi with oats or daliya khichdi with masses of veggies or brown rice with vegetable dal and cook soup.

My snacks: 1 mug of inexperienced tea with 4 digestive biscuits.
My dinner: I believe in having an early and mild dinner, so I even have my dinner around 8 pm. I actually have 2 chapatis with a bowl of veggies (cooked in much less oil), a part of puffed rice, and a few clean salads.
I take pleasure in: Whenever I crave something sinfully delicious, I devour spicy hen, fish, or even ice cream, but I restrict the consumption to the handiest 2 spoons.
My workout: I failed to go to the gym, so something I did, was at domestic best.
My exercise consisted of doing a little plank, core exercising, inner and outer thigh exercising, and shoulder exercising. I made it a point to work out for at least forty-five minutes per day.
Low-calorie recipes: I, in reality, like to eat poha with veggies like carrot, capsicum, onion, and oats. I additionally vouch on lassi with rock salt or chat masala.

Some health secret I believe: It is simply crucial that you live far from sugar, sea salt, or maybe white salt for that to be counted. You can use rock salt as an opportunity. Make it a factor to drink plenty of water each day and avoid potatoes in meals objects.
What are the lifestyle modifications you made? I made it a factor to observe positive matters very seriously. For instance, I stopped the lift usage despite the fact that I had to go to the 5th ground. I also started out having inexperienced tea 5 times a day.

What became the lowest point for you? Thankfully, I by no means really paid attention to what people around me had to say approximately my weight. However, there got here an afternoon after discovering that I turned into now not searching top in a sleeveless dress. I seemed older than my age which driven me to lose weight.

How do I live Motivated? The biggest motivation undoubtedly stays the visible transformation to your own body. Once you begin seeing the outcomes for yourself, there may be no going back. Secondly, my parents additionally acted like the wind beneath my wings; they usually saved me encouraged. Lessons learned from weight loss: I have realized that getting lower back in form has accomplished loads more to me than simply remodeling me physically. This entire journey has surely transformed me right into a better man or woman.

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