Mumbai medicine providers hit returned at BMC, supply 33 motives for late transport


Manufacturers and providers of pharmaceutical drugs within the city wrote to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Friday, alleging a number of them were falsely declared defaulters for failing to supply drugs to civic hospitals on time.
Last week, the BMC blocked one distributor, barred the top four defaulters from taking element in the bidding procedure, and issued notices to 10 distributors over the scarcity of medicines at civic hospitals across Mumbai.

Mumbai medicine providers hit returned at BMC, supply 33 motives for late transport 1In its letter, a lobby of vendors and producers alleged incorrect procurement and tendering process, delayed payments, and a nexus among neighborhood medication providers and storekeepers for the shortage of medicines at the civic hospitals. The foyer additionally listed ‘33 reasons’ for delivering medicines past due.

“We simplest deliver 25% of overall drugs required at BMC hospitals and dispensaries. The relaxation (seventy-five %) is either purchased locally or prescribed by the docs bought from non-public pharmacies. We aren’t entirely chargeable for the shortage of drugs at the civic hospitals,” reads the letter.

“Mostly, 5 signatories are required to place a purchase order (PO). This at times consequences in receiving an order that turned into initiated 10 days ago, leaving us with little time to deliver drugs on time,” said Abhay Pandey, president of All India Food and Drug License Holder Association. The lobby also claimed storekeepers at civic hospitals have been colluding with nearby pharmacies for making easy cash.

Distributors alleged storekeepers intentionally positioned the orders overdue to create a scarcity of medicines at the medical institution to buy drugs from local carriers.

Amey Ghole, fitness committee chairperson, BMC, said they might meet officers from the principal buying department subsequent week to apprehend the issues within the current system. “We’ve been advised the put off in clearing payments, lengthy paperwork, and lack of a streamlined gadget is equally responsible for the lack of medicines at hospitals. We will listen to both facets earlier than initiating movement,” stated Ghole. You may be one of those people out there who is facing a dilemma when organizing medicines properly in the medicine cabinet. At times, when you have lots of medicines already stored, it becomes harder to find the medicine you are looking for when necessary. This could be due to many different factors, such as inappropriate labeling, expired medicines piled up, etc.

Yet despite that, there are still ways to make your medicine cabinet organize and neat again. There is no need to spend money or hire someone to do it for you. It is straightforward, and you can do it in an instant. The following are some of the tips you can consider to organize your medicine cabinet well:

Color Code

Why not apply the color-coding method when handling your medicines? If there’s a lot in the family taking medicines, then try to classify each one of them according to color. You may want brands to be grouped separately or put color on each medicine to separate them according to date and time of administration. It totally depends on you. You are the best person who knows how to color-code your medicines best.

Medicine containers

A medicine cabinet can become so messy, especially if all the medicines aren’t placed well in separate containers.
You may want to organize your medicines according to their form by placing them in different containers. For example, all tablets will be placed in a different container, and the same goes with liquid medicines.

This way, it would be easier to find and pull out a medicine you need at the moment because you already know where you placed it.
These days, you can find various types of medicine containers available for sale. You can buy them in the department store or at your local drug store. You can do a DIY too if you like.

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