Post office grants capsules to Florida domestic as police execute search warrant


A mailman in North Port made premature shipping even as police were executing a search warrant.Post office grants capsules to Florida domestic as police execute search warrant 1 The North Port Police Department says they were looking a home inside the 560C-SPAN has a reputation for being uninteresting; however, whilst New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is testifying, she makes it her own non-public highlight reel, and her taking a Big Pharma head to venture for the fee of an HIV drug the previous day genuinely deserves a place on there.
First, Truvada is a PrEP drug that may prevent patients from contracting HIV if taken proactively. Right now, it’s pretty a whole lot the handiest pre-publicity prophylaxis drug to be had, making it a groundbreaking device within the combat towards HIV and AIDS. In the U.S., wherein patents shield it, it prices almost $2,000. But, as Ocasio-Cortez mentioned, it handiest charges $8 in Australia, wherein there’s a general version to be had and u . S. Has general healthcare.
So please enjoy this clip of AOC directing righteous fury at once at the CEO of Gilead, the employer that makes and sells Truvada.

, His justification changed into that “We must make sure that Americans get our medicines at a fee that lets us spend money on research,” however the purpose he turned into in front of the House Oversight Committee is due to the fact the CDC funded a massive quantity of the studies that created Truvada and also owns a patent for the drug. As Daniel O’Day, the Gilead CEO, cited, Truvada nonetheless has a patent within the U.S. But Gilead insists that its patent is the best valid one and has reaped massive rewards to the tune of $3 billion in global revenue remaining 12 months.
The government’s failure to thoroughly guard clients against organizations like Gilead is a continuing tragedy, however as a minimum, with Democrats in control of the House, now and then, we’ll get to peer a CEO sweat.

0 block of Brickell Drive when the publish office delivered a box complete of medication.

Police say the container contained 4 pounds of marijuana, 223 grams of THC wax, and 50 THC vaporizer cartridges. Inside the house, they observed more capsules and weapons.
In total, they seized handguns with extended 30 round magazines, several bins of ammo, 243 grams of THC wax, 12 grams of cocaine, liquid codeine, ninety-seven THC cartridges, and 4 kilos of marijuana.
Bryan Banskiver, 24, and Davis Chesser, 19, were arrested on more than one drug, drug income, and drug system expense.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez makes it easy to love her in some methods. Her fire, ardor, and commitment to do the activity she becomes elected to do—rather than simply specializing in getting reelected from the first day of her time period—are a refreshing set of changes from each day’s grind of political prevarication and mealy-mouthed posturing. The dust jacket of Michael Massing’s The Fix summarizes his thesis in bold red letters: “Under the Nixon Administration, America Had an Effective Drug Policy. WE SHOULD RESTORE IT. (Nixon Was Right).”

That is a pretty extraordinary claim to make regarding an administration that gained office in large part through the “Southern Strategy” that had at its heart Nixon’s declaration of a “War on Drugs” and whose policies created the cocaine epidemic that caused so many new concerns a decade later. At most, I would agree that the Nixon administration’s pursuit of a fundamentally bad policy included some worthwhile efforts that every subsequent administration has devalued. This was not because Nixon or his closest advisers were right about drug policy but because Nixon was more interested in foreign policy issues. His benign neglect of domestic policy allowed some positive developments to blossom in the midst of the mire of incompetence and corruption that characterized his presidency.

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