10 Best Apps for Healthy Cooking to Follow


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key priority for many people in today’s fast-paced society. Adopting good eating habits is a crucial part of living a balanced life, and what easier way to do it than with the help of technology? These days our smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection are our greatest assets. We have applications and tech gadgets for everything, from management apps to how-to apps that improve your living and lifestyle.

The following article will detail some of the best apps that make it simpler than ever to start a journey towards wholesome and delectable meals full of nutrition as they provide a wealth of culinary inspiration and advice. To download the best applications and use them in a lag-free way, you can get a high-speed internet connection and start downloading from our list the ones that resonate with your aims. We recommend one of the best options with SuddenLink Internet plans and packages catering to affordability and speed.

With that out of the way, check these applications, which will help you adopt healthy cooking as a lifelong habit, regardless of whether your objective is weight management, enhancing general well-being, or simply broadening your culinary horizons.

Read up and get digesting on these top apps:

1. Mealime: 


This application helps you plan a week’s worth of healthy meals that fit your preferences and your budget. Mealtime provides a wide variety of recipes that suits all type of food preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more. You can even mention if you are allergic to anything so it wouldn’t be included in the recipes.

2. Feel Better: Deliciously Ella: 

feel better | deliciously ella on the App Store

This application is a complete package regarding healthy diet and wellness. You can get access to over 800 recipes after subscribing. Not only that, but this app also offers countless workout courses, mindfulness exercises, and wellness programs, along with a sleep section.

3. Yazio: 


This app first asks you to fill out a questionnaire so it can have a better understanding of your health and your preferences and then shows you the results. Yazio allows you to track your diet, count your calories and measure your activity levels. After the analysis, it will make a customized meal plan for you.

4. Lifesum: 


Lifesum is one of the most popular apps that helps you follow a healthy diet. This app allows you to track your intermittent fasting and your nutrition goals. This is a free app, but it also offers subscriptions with even more benefits.

5. MyFitnessPal: 


MyFitnessPal is a well-liked app for tracking your calorie and macronutrient intake. It is simpler to use and offers calorie counter and diet tracker functions. This app has a database with more than 6 million foods low in carbohydrates. It records food consumption, weight loss, and activity. It enables goal-setting and progress monitoring. The app also allows users to connect with their pals and stay healthy.

6. Kitchen Stories: 

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is a great app if you are new to healthy cooking. This award-winning app offers very simple recipes with video instructions. You can get inspiration to eat healthy from many people worldwide sharing their healthy food journey. The results will show up after being filtered according to your preferences.

7. Tasty: 


Tasty offers a wide range of recipes and allows you to browse them to find the perfect healthy recipe. The level of complexity, meal type, setting, dietary restrictions, cuisine, and cooking method can filter recipes. This app also enables you to interact with other food enthusiasts worldwide.

8. SideChef: 


Planning your meal is one of the finest strategies for making nutritious meals; this app can help you achieve that. SideChef will customize your meal plans according to your preferences so you can add any of your healthy choices to the list.

9. My Keto: 

My Keto

This application is ideal for people who want to follow a ketogenic diet and stay healthy. This low-carb diet makes sure to prioritize high-fat and protein intake. The features of this app include a macros calculator, dietary counseling, meal preparation ideas, and a calorie and carb tracker. You can use a calculator to find specific macros based on your body’s height, weight, etc. It contains a progress tracker and more than 800 low-carb recipes.

10. Listonic: 


If you want to add healthy ingredients to your food, you have to start by including them in your grocery list. Using this smart shopping list app, you can create multiple shopping lists and track the healthy ingredients you need. It also helps you maintain a budget after you add a specific price.

Final Words

Although maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult, the applications above can help you. For those who are on diets, these applications offer a variety of tools and capabilities that you can use to accomplish your health goals. These apps include everything from meal plans and recipes to devices for measuring carb intake. Hence, they will help you along your journey.

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