Are Men Reckless with Their Health? (A Call for Submissions)


Justin Birckbichler, the founder of aBallsySenseofTumor.Com and columnist for The Good Men Project, writes weekly on guys’ health problems. As a survivor of testicular cancer—that’s the most not unusual shape of most cancers affecting young men—Birckbichler reminds readers of the significance of attending yearly physicals and administering self-exams. And he does it with the use of enough puns to make any English trainer chuckle.

Are Men Reckless with Their Health? (A Call for Submissions) 1Reading his posts makes me surprise how many guys go through needlessly with the aid of refusing health care, even when they could find the money for it. Are guys overconfident about their fitness? Is it rooted in manhood to refuse to ask for help (scientific or otherwise) unless it’s an emergency? Is it a source of delight to go without a medical doctor or a dentist? (I once went ten years without touring the latter, and I don’t recommend it).
If you trust that is a major trouble in society—or maybe in case you don’t—we want to hear from you. We need to hear tales about humans who’ve resisted medical advice and/or interest and their reasons why. The stereotype is apparent; however, what is the reality?

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If you are already working with an editor at GMP, please be sure to name that character. If you aren’t presently operating with a GMP editor, please request Matthew Johnson. Several medical statistics view that nearly 80% of the global male population fight with several health-related disorders in some part of their life or others. The most bothersome problem for men is disorders related to sex life, overweight and higher body mass index, lack of required mineral and nutrients and aging. To help people in this direction, several men’s health products are available in the market. In this article, we will focus on these products and their advantages.

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Karla L. Branan
I am a doctor. I’m not the biggest fan of doctors, but I love to blog. I am a strong advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. I also believe in natural remedies and holistic care. I hope my blog helps people live healthier lives.